Saturday, August 23, 2008


Friday night kicked off the start of my favorite time of year. For the last several years the start of school getting cranked back up is marked by the area high schools playing their first game of the season prior to the first day of school. Woo Hoo!
This year was no exception. In our school district the big game of the week (which also was the home opener of my oldest daughter's now Alma Mater (boy, is it strange to say daughter is now an alumnus!!!) was between cross county rivals the:
Eastern Alamance Eagles & the Western Alamance Warriors
Western Alamance came into the game as defending champs of last year's State 3-A Championship with the cards stacked against them; having lost their starting offensive and defensive lines to graduating Seniors. Eastern Alamance on the other hand didn't fare too badly last year given Western was the dominate team in the conference & had nothing to lose in this latest match up. It was speculated that Eastern might beat Western due to the dilemma Western Alamance faced coming into this season. And the critics were right.....Eastern Alamance beat Western Alamance 26-15!!!
On the other hand, my Alma Mater that I graduated from 20+ years ago, didn't have as good of luck. They lost 29-14!
So...there you have it...Friday Football Fever is in full swing and before you know it another summer will soon be behind us in just a few short weeks. So I say bring on the cooler temps, the trees changing colors, and the fast approaching holiday season for that's what makes this time of year so exciting and special!
See you at the football stadium! Until next time...Happy Stitching! :)

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