Wednesday, August 27, 2008

THERE'S NOTHING LIKE A GOOD DRENCHING RAIN TO WASH IT ALL AWAY!!! was another not so good day for the hair! I'm convinced the hair must be suffering from HHD (Humid Hair Disorder). If you are not familiar with this, please allow me to explain. It seems that the hair is most affected during the summer months and especially when there is tropical like weather taking place. There are no symptoms and can flare up on a whim. It doesn't even have to be raining outside. All it takes is the right combination of warm temps, muggy air and wind to bring on an episode.

But today I refused to allow the hair to get the best of me unlike yesterday! Today I had other things on my mind that proved to be a little more concerning; like the fact that the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay came barreling through the state of North Carolina very fast and furious beginning early this morning, continuing non-stop on through the late afternoon. Just when we thought we were out of the woods, we were merely being shown what the calm before the storm feels like...literally!!! Unlike yesterday when she only brought light, steady rain and a slight tropical breeze, today she sparred numerous tornados & flash flooding all throughout the state. In several of my neighborning counties, school systems emptied their classrooms into the halls where kids found themselves participating in a real life tornado drill versus the make-believe practice kind that they are normally accustomed to.

My daughter, Megan, was caught in the throes of the storms today as well. Inside her dorm, the announcement was made to take cover in the stairwell. While it seemed that the tornado that was spotted in the next town over from where she was at was moving her way, thankfully, it never touched down there.

One local mobile home community was flooded and its occupants had to evacuate. One couple lost everything inside their basement. Another family lost their dog during a tornado that later showed up shaken but unharmed.

During the monsoon like rains, my yard quickly became a small pond. Never in my life have I ever seen or experienced flooding like I did today. Being located in central North Carolina, flooding is not a common occurence and only resigned to watching on tv. Fortunately my home was fine and once the rain slacked off, the flooding receded rather abruptly. It was a scary feeling none the less. Weather is definitely one of the few things in life we have no control over. I marvel at how natural disasters have a life of their own and more importantly I am amazed at how something like that can cause so much damage all by itself. It's times like today when I really do question God's work. My mom always told me to never question the work of the Lord. But it falls right up there with all the other questions I hope to ask Him someday like why does He allow bad things to happen to good people. Or why does He allow children to become missing or harmed? So many questions and yet no way of understanding the things that happen in our world.

I guess the one thing that we can all be assured of is that there's a reason for everything just like there was a reason why NC was impacted so hard with the leftover remains of Fay today. Good things always seem to come out of bad things most of the time. The good thing about today's rains is that now our state has cut its drought deficit in half. Even when we can't always see the rainbow after every rainstorm, one thing is for certain, the sun always shines again! Tomorrow should be an absolutely gorgeous day!


Meari said...

Tornadoes are scary! I'm glad nothing came of it. Tell that hair who's boss! I use some products that really help me with humidity and keeping my hair under control. If you're interested, let me know.

Gabi said...

That second picture is just beautiful. And hopefully your hair will behave soon :)