Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's that time of year! (No...I'm not referring to the wonderful season of Fall that is just right around the corner.) Rather, I'm speaking of that time of year when school has now been in session for a mere four weeks and my kids have already begun to get sick!

The very first week of school, my son, Cameron, came down with a bad case of strep throat. He missed three days. (You know he was sick! After all, he's a big 8th grader this year, and no 8th grader alive would want to miss their first & easiest week of the school year!!) But it happened to him.

Then the following week I was sick. I blogged about it in a previous post! I NEVER get sick! So this bug was NOT nice. The ever living nerve of it making ME sick of all people!!! I guess the little critter didn't get the memo that moms are exempt from being sick!!!
And as if that wasn't a heck of a way to kick off a new school year, then my daughter, Hannah, started complaining of her throat hurting on Friday. By Saturday she was coughing, had fever, fatigue and runny nose, and off to the walk-in we went only to find out that she had a sinus infection. Being that she had her tonsils out a little over a year ago, I knew it couldn't be strep. But shouldn't having surgery to remove her tonsils & adnoids also make her exempt from any future germs that might come her way??? Guess, those germs didn't get the memo on that either!!!

And yet again, this past Sunday, Cameron told me his throat felt scratchy. Now mind you, he just had been off antibiotics for strep a little over a week. Low & behold, he awoke this morning, coughing his head off!!

Oh while I'm on my soapbox, I guess its only fair to share the part of this story about how both my kids have asthma and when school resumes they begin to endure various sicknesses throughout the fall & winter months. Oh, we do all the necessary things to prevent their asthma from flaring, including the hand washing thing to ward off germs. And we've been dealing with 'seasonal sickness' for pretty much all of their school life to date, but if I could figure out a way to keep them well during this time of year, I think I'd have a lot of parents buying into the formula & I'd be one rich cookie!!

So now, the school year has officially begun! Yea, I know it technically started four weeks ago, but not by my standards. Until the kids have begun to sniff, sneeze, & cough, things are not in full swing! If it weren't for this one little issue that crops up every year for my kids, Fall would be my favorite time of the year. Okay...looking on the bright side, I suppose it is my favorite time of the year because it leads into the holiday season which I am a huge fan of! There is always the hope that this year won't be quite as brutal as the last! Who has time to be sick? There's too much to do this time of year! Now if I can only get those little germy bugs to understand that!!!


Rachel said...

O M G! I so understand what you are going through. Both my kids came down with nasty, just wont leave, colds the first week of school. My little one always gets the nastiest coughs. The older one was going through tissues like crazy.

Hope your house is well soon :o)

Annie said...

I too can identify with this. My son has been back just over 2 weeks and was ill with coughs and splutters over the weekend. He is still not right. (He also has asthma so I can completely sympathize with you!)

I do hope that they, and you, are soon fully recovered.

Sherry said...

Hope they feel better soon! I hated when my boys went to school for this very reason! They were healthy all summer then school starts and boom!

Carolyn said...

Hope all of you are well soon. I used to teach and the start of school always brought a wave of sickness that periodically came back every so often. Hang in there.