Friday, August 29, 2008


Yay! Today is FRIDAY!!! Yippee!! ( that's a little over the top! Forgive me...I've had my morning dose of Starbucks and I'm FULLY awake now!!)

Let's face it... if there was one day during the week that the vast majority of folks look forward to, it would have to be Friday, hands down. Now for me, of late, I've traded having Friday's off for working longer hours during the rest of the week in order to try & save a few dollars at the pump. So for the past month or so, Thursdays have become my Fridays.

So if there is anyone who has no reason to say "Boy, am I glad its Friday" it would have to be me. But I AM glad it's Friday, but not in the spoiled brat kind of way that you would expect. You see, this week has been full of ups and downs. It has been one of those weeks that one is glad to have behind them. lt has been a tough week of sorts.

The week started with a bad hair day...(okay...that's sounding spoiled!!); let me back up! The week started with my kids beginning a new school year. This included my oldest daughter, Megan, who started college classes. That was an UP! Then on to Tuesday. It rained and the hair rebelled! My ex-husband shared that his step-father was in the hospital on life support and that per his stepfather's wishes, the family would be taking him off of life support that evening at 8pm. That was a DOWN!

Then there was Wednesday! In the South we sometimes refer to Wednesday as "Hump Day" because its the middle of the week and all downhill to Friday. But on Wednesday of this week, it almost felt like a Monday; Mondays being considered by some the worst day of the week (okay...most ALL consider Mondays to be the worst day of the week!!) But it was a less than stellar day because Tropical Storm Fay decided to make a very grand, and not so welcome entrance into North Carolina bringing rain, high winds, tornados and flooding. It was a day that had me on pins and needles as Megan spent her afternoon gathered with her dormmates in a stairwell at UNC-G anticipating the arrival of a tornado. On the very same day, I learned my ex-father in law, had passed away about the same time my daughter was holed up in the stairwell. BIG DOWN OF A DAY!!!

Then on to Thursday. Well, the rain had ceased and the sun shone brightly for the better part of the day. It was the last day of the work week for me. My mom & I were able to have dinner together (if you follow my blog you know just a little over a week ago, my mom was hospitalized for a staph infection). I watched Barrack Obama make history and give a speech that will undoubtedly go down as one of the finest ever heard by our Nation! And the day for the most part was uneventful! It was an UP!

And now on we come to Friday! So far today I've taken my kids to school and traveled fifteen minutes to Starbucks to pick up my favorite coffee concoction...a Grande Peppermint Mocha. (Somehow when I go to Starbucks I abandon all sense of reality, mentally block out the thought of high gas prices, and conveniently forget that this particular stop is completely out of the way, and in no way can be justified as a necessary errand that needs to be run!!) But after the week its been, I deserve my Grande Peppermint Mocha! From the very first sip, I can feel all the sorrows and dilemmas of my week being erased and inside I am being returned to that happy place of balance! AHHHH!!!

So good today! As I'm writing this I look out my window and see the sun emerging from behind the clouds and shining brightly causing a smile to stir within my heart. I'm reminded in this moment, that no matter how dark the skies become or how clouded, that the sun always finds a way to break through and shine again. Hmmmm...guess I've just been given a sign that its okay to look forward to Fridays & things are definitely now looking up! I suddenly find myself at ease! Now I think I'll go enjoy the rest of my day and look forward to the long holiday weekend!

Until next time...Happy Stitching! :)
(This post is dedicated to my ex-father in law, Jimmy Farrell. May he rest in peace & God bless his soul!)


Meari said...

Yup, the sun will always rise to shine another day :) I'm glad you're enjoying your Friday!

Anonymous said...

Hope your Friday went well! It was a rainy day here in Pennsylvania but I await the sun and its warmth.

Happy Saturday!!