Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This morning when I awoke, I heard an old familiar sound outside. It was raining!!! For the first time in as many weeks, it decided it was going to rain. Oh, I'm not complaining because we certainly needed it. And besides there was no way to avoid it. The radar showed rain that stretched from NC to 3 states over. I guess Tropical Storm Fay wasn't ready to totally dissapate just yet.
How do I know it was Tropical Storm Fay????? Well...let's see...when I walked out my door to get in my car, the air hit me square in the face. There it was, that thick, hot, muggy air that can only be found during falling precipitation in late summer in North Carolina OR when the remnants of a tropical storm are crossing your state. It was breezy and for a moment I began to wonder if I was at the beach. Had it not been for trying to dodge the raindrops to my car, I would have closed my eyes and pretended to be.
And then without any warning, my hair decides to turn on me!!! The hair was not having it...no sirree!!! The hair decided that it did not like Mr. Humidity one bit!!! So instead of behaving and minding its manners, it decided to throw a fit for all the world to see. Far be it for me to try and get it under control. The hair wouldn't hear of it!! No...the hair decided it was going to have a mind of its own. All my early morning efforts of shampooing, conditioning, drying and straightening were washed away with the rain. Down the drain and the hair just stood by and laughed in all its glory. The hair didn't care how it made me look...this morning was all about it and only it!!! The hair went from super straight and styled to wavy and frizzy. I attempted to run my hands through it to calm it down, but to no avail. The hair just continued its tiraid on me; leaving me helpless and waving the white flag of surrender.
By the end of the day, the hair had whipped me in my face, created little waves all over my head, and had its complete way with me until it finally had its fill of fun and games at my expense. The hair was no longer angry & aggravated because those emotions had been transferred onto me.
I decided it was time to enact my revenge. I arrived home from work and without hesitation I not so politely pulled my hair up into a bun (using a huge, orange scrunchie as my ally) and showed it who was boss. This immediately quieted the hair. There was no mistaken who was in charge of this head of hair. And what a peaceful evening it has been. The hair is settled down upon my head and I am once again feeling in total control!


Meari said...

Yep. That happens to me in exactly the same way. Slight humidity or rain and I could be mistaken for Medusa's younger sister, LOL

Rene la Frog said...

LOL...my hair would do the opposite to me in the humdity. I would spend the morning doing the shampoo, condition, blow dry (which would take almost a hour) then carefully curling with the hot iron. One step outside and it looked like I was back in the 60's with string straight hair. No wonder I don't want to move back to Arkansas with the humidity

Gabi said...

Yep...I know that feeling...lol.

BW said...

Glad to see you were finally able to show that hair who is boss! LOL

The Euphoric Stitcher said...

This story sounds very familiar!!! I live in Alabama and I have given up with my hair. I usually just end up wearing a baseball cap.