Sunday, July 14, 2013


I began this blog in 2008. For those of you who have followed it all this time, I thank you. I was thinking recently that I needed to get back into blogging. It is something I truly enjoy but as they say, life has gotten in the way more times than I can count. That's really no excuse though. I enjoy it & should have made time to keep it updated on a regular basis. 

When I signed into my blog earlier this afternoon, my first thought was, "you really need to give it a new look". There are so many whimsical and cute templates to choose from nowadays. It's no doubt, blogging has come such a long way from 2008 when I got into it. 

In thinking about the look of my blog being so outdated, I thought about how much my life has changed in the 5 years since entering my 1st blog post. Much has happened over that span of time. I found the love of my life and lost him unexpectedly and tragically to death. Two of my wonderful three children are now high school graduates. (Praise God for that!) My youngest will be a Sophomore this coming school year. I'm now a "Granna" to one very special little boy who is now almost 15 months old, just started walking and a 'ham' in training to be. I now have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 radio shows hosted on Blogtalk Radio and have just added a 2nd radio station that features all-holiday music year-round, hosted over on (You can find links to each on the right side of blog.) I just finished my 3rd year of college thru Liberty University. I'm a Dean's list student and have become an inductee of the Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Beta Delta, and Psychology Honor Societies during my time there thus far. I'll be a rising Senior in just a few short weeks. My son, Cameron, will be entering college there in the Fall as a Freshman (boy, does that sound weird to say son will be in college). About the only thing that has stayed the same, is I am still working in the same full-time job but hope to be transitioning out of it one of these days in the near future. 

So, with all the many changes my life has seen over these last 5 years, it's time for an update to the ole blog. I'll be giving it a much-needed face-lift  Don't be surprised if you see a different look for a bit each time you stop by to visit. So, please bear with me as my blog goes through a brief period of transformation. 

Life is really all about change....some good, some bad. We have to take the good with the bad and how we accept and adapt to the many changes is truly what builds our character and molds and shapes us along the way of life's journey. I'd say my character has been molded and shaped every possible way one can imagine; especially over these last 5 years, but I'm definitely not worse for the wear, I'm definitely stronger, and better for it...(or I'd at least like to think so). 

Until next time...

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