Sunday, August 24, 2008


It has just been announced that Dawn O'Neal, famed writer of the blog post, The Stitchin' Nook, is officially re-entering the world of cross-stitching effective immediately! It was speculated that over the summer months due to all the busy activity that summer brings that this writer found herself stretched and pulled in many different directions unable to fulfill her desire to stitch.

It has been rumored that the start of a new school year and sudden loss of occupying the time of her kids will result in more time to devote to her favorite past time.

Over the summer this writer had several WIP's going that came to a standstill. One being a MSAL that she has now completed 6 of the 15 parts and currently working her way through the 7th part as this is being written. Our sources tell us that she also is hard at work on a Christmas stocking that she hopes to complete just in time for the upcoming holiday season!

We have just received word that Ms. O'Neal will begin a new project this fall called Monopoly SAL! This is a replica of the famed Monopoly game board by Parker Brothers that will be stitched to full scale size on...wait for it....18 ct White Aida! This is exciting news as this is a project not for the faint of heart or those who have a closet full of UFO's currently! From what we understand, she has purchased all her materials and is ready to get started any day now.
We have requested an interview with Ms. O'Neal, but she's declined due to her very busy upcoming stitching schedule. She did agree to release photos of her work so that we may continue reporting on her progress.
Please keep it right here on the American Stitching Network for all the latest developments as they unfold!


XS Margie said...

Oh how exciting to stitch the Monopoly game board! I have that pattern also & am looking forward to when I get a chance to stitch the game board! My husband & I have decided that once I stitch this piece, that we are going to build a table just for the stitched game board & seal it into the top of the table so it will permanently be a part of the table top! I wish you all kinds of fun stitching the Monopoly game board this fall!!! :~) I can't wait to see your progress!!!

Happy Stitching!

Lori said...

You should have been a writer! I loved reading your blog! and your announcement and look forward to seeing all of your projects you are now finding time to stitch!
Happy Days!

Janaina said...

Hahahahahaha... anxiously waiting for the upcoming events!!!!! =P

Gabi said...

Nice blog entry. Wishing you good luck with Monopoly

BW said...

Dawn, that was hilarious! I, too, am doing the Monopoly and will look forward to seeing you get done with it WAY ahead of me. LOL

Shari said...

love this entry Dawn!!!! How neat!!!!! I hope to get lots of stitching time real soon too!!! I will be getting my monopoly fabric in a couple weeks!!!

Meari said...

Good luck with your stitching adventures, Dawn!