Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well, it's happened all over again. I've been bitten by the Cross-Stitch Bug...and this time he's bitten me bad and I've been left with the 'itch to stitch'.

It happened a couple of weeks ago. I had been doing a completely different type of stitching as in that of crochet and the ole cross-stitching bug had not visited me for several years. But I happened upon this really cool cross-stitching group on Yahoo groups called "I Love Cross Stitch" and it wasn't long and I had an infestation on my hands. Pouring through the various posts online and visiting many of the blogs of various members of this group, soon gave way to that little critter infiltrating my system and leaving me with this huge urge to stitch.

This time I've been affected differently than I can recall from past dealings with the Cross-Stitching Bug. I say different because since my absence from cross-stitching, there are new fabrics, threads and even BEADS, that I can use to create beautiful works of art! Who knew??? And that doesn't even include all the new acronyms for different cross-stitching terms that I have to learn if I want to keep up with the many posts online. Can anyone say, Cross-Stitching dictionary????

But that will have to wait for the time being because I've got a little WIP that could also be called a UFO (I think that is the term) because I started it over 10 yrs ago and due to the bug biting me, I now have pulled it out and am working diligently on it. (It's the only remedy I've found to keep the itching under control.) Here is the latest photo of my progress as of today (7.20.08).

Yes, I've been bitten bad this time around!!!! All of a sudden I'm finding myself late at night browsing the many, many cross-stitch websites out there that offer FREE patterns or patterns at a fraction of the cost. And then there's EBAY...with its many things to choose from. HELP...I'm overwhelmed! Too much to stitch and soooo little time.

And then that ole bug has caused me to have a problem with indecision. I can't seem to decide what to stitch next after my latest project. Should I finish all my WIP's or just start something brand new...again???? I mean there are just so many cute and elegant projects alike out there. And then Fall and the holidays are right around the corner. The things that I could stitch just for that wonderful time of year. I can feel myself getting excited just thinking about it!!! Oh, I think I've developed a fever! Quick...someone hand me a needle & DMC floss! Oh, well...the bug is here to stay, so might as well learn to deal with being bitten. :)



Nancy said...

Too funny Dawn!! I had the same problems when I found Yahoo groups. I spend a lot more time on the computer now, but still manage a few stitches here and there!!!

kaghos said...

for some reason I too am having that same difficulty to. once I joined some of the yahoo groups stitching has slowed up, hummmmmmmm I wounder why.

Your stocking is coming along nicely

Kelly said...

It's looking really good...........glad you have the stitch itch lol.
Hugs, Kelly

sales said...

The I-Love_Cross-Stitch group is great at enabling! Your WIP is looking great!

jennilynn said...

Dawn, your stocking is moving right along.

Laurel's stitching said...

Stitch on a WIP once a week and the other 6 days do something new and exciting! huggerz laurel