Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Even though it's not OFFICIALLY fall just yet, now that we've entered September, I can't help but get excited that it is just right around the corner!! Throughout the summer months, I've read numerous posts by many in my various cross-stitch Yahoo groups that share in that same excitement. Maybe it's a cross-stitching thing.

Think about it. If you cross-stitch, then you know that most projects can't be whipped up in record time. It takes time, perhaps weeks or months to complete one project for some (and years for others). Avid, die-hard, cross-stitchers will begin thinking about the fall & holiday seasons long before they are due to arrive. Unlike most folks, we, cross-stitchers start getting geared toward the final quarter of the year along about mid-summer! I read in one post that someone's holiday season officially began July 25th because that was their kick-off date for making Christmas gifts for the upcoming holidays. Most would find that absolutely absurd, but who am I to make fun of someone for getting in the holiday spirit so early. I have already been listening to Christmas music as I work on my own Christmas projects for crying out loud!!!!

And now we're into September. I mean, where in the world did August go???? I can't help but feel slightly panicked somewhat! I've got several things that I really want to complete for this year's holiday gift giving. Aside from cross-stitching, I also crochet. So my project base for this year consists of a little of both.

(Please note the above is NOT my work. Found this image on the internet & LOVED it!!)

Here's the rundown:

For my youngest daughter - a Christmas stocking that I started when I was pregnant with her over 10 yrs ago. This won't be a gift but I would like to complete in time to put on display with the others when I decorate for Christmas in November.

For my oldest daughter - I have started a crocheted afghan that will include a graphed pattern that says "Class of 2008" with a mortar board & diploma. The graphed pattern will be cross-stitched over top of a white crocheted background. The afghan will be in her school colors. Considering Megan is now a Freshman in college, this was supposed to have been a gift for her high school graduation in June. Since I didn't make that deadline, I really need to get this done for Christmas or either just scrap the whole idea and move on to something else.

For a dear friend of mine - I also have started another graphed crocheted afghan that will have the logo for his 80's variety band that he put together. He designed the logo himself. The logo is black and white so the afghan will have a black border and white center with logo cross-stitched over top of the white background.

My stepmom - A set of crocheted placemats done in red, green, & predominately white varigated cotton yarn. Last year I gave her a set of placemats that consisted of the colors in her kitchen. The yarn was country blue, light brown, and white varigated cotton. My stepmom couldn't believe how closely they matched her colors and decor in her kitchen. She's used them all year. So I decided that this year I'll do a set of Christmas placemats for her and in the years that follow, I'll pick a holiday and do a set so she'll eventually have sets all year round to switch out and use.

Possibly my mom - I am taking part in the MSAL with the Oakhaven Designs Yahoo group. This is my very 1st SAL. I'm torn between keeping it for myself since its my 1st SAL or giving to my mom when done. I've made great progress and currently am working on Part 7 of 15 total parts. I know at the rate I'm working on, I should have completed well before Christmas. can you see why I'm panicked????
And then I am reminded of all the opportunities I'll have to do stitching during this season. You see, I tend to gravitate towards the television set more during this time of year (outside of Tuesdays & Wednesdays every week from January to May when American Idol is on) because there are just so many great shows on. Fall just isn't Fall until you've seen a Peanuts show or two.

And then, if you're a QVC addict like I am, can I get a...QVC, QVC, QVC!!! Now don't get me wrong. I'm not an addict in the sense of not being able to control my urge to purchase everytime my finger accidentally stops the remote from channel surfing when it lands on QVC. But during this time of year, QVC starts to transition towards the holidays and I just LOVE watching to see what they have to offer. Call it crazy or call me unusual, but there's something about this that's just festive to me. I don't normally partake in 'watching' QVC during any other time of the year. For me, when they have their Christmas shows on, its like watching a holiday favorite & another little something that gets me into holiday mode this time of year. And the best part about this unusual traditional pasttime is I'm doing two things that I love simultaneously...stitching & watching QVC!!! It's like having the best of both worlds to me!! And I can't even begin to tell you how relaxing both are!! So now do you understand why I love this time of year???? To think some of the best things in life are the little things! :)

What else can I say???? I'm totally stoked & ready for what lies ahead! I'll be posting pics soon of my progress on the projects mentioned above...(all but the MSAL as I can't post pics until that project is'll just have to take my word for it & trust that I'm churning along on it!!!!) And besides all that I've posted here, I haven't even gotten into the October stuff that we do around here....there's music festivals, pumpkins to carve, houses to decorate,'d better maximize my September. Tomorrow will already be September 4. I'd better get a move on!!!!

Until next time....HAPPY FALL & HAPPY STITCHING!!!

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