Friday, September 5, 2008


Tropical Storm Hanna is on her way to the coast of North Carolina. I happen to live in NC and although I live about 3 hours inland from the coastal area, each time we get wind (no pun intended...LOL) that a hurricane or tropical storm is headed to our coast it still makes those of us inland pretty nervous.

It goes without saying that hurricanes of the past are responsible for us being on high alert when new storms are forecast to hit our coast and work inland. The last big hurricane that slammed the Triangle & Central regions of North Carolina occurred about 10 or so years ago when Hurricane Fran decided she wanted to pay us a little visit. I have to say her visit was not only unwelcomed but she overstayed her welcome. The aftermath was days of no power & water for some and lots of clean up for all! Outside of the fact it gave those who work a few days off, its no doubt everyone worked harder doing clean up and just dealing with the post-hurricane mess than they would have had they been at work on a normal day.

The last few days, our weather has been absolutely beautiful. North Carolina is notorious during the summer months for its formidable humidity that lingers until early October. This week has been indicative of what looms ahead this weekend as there has been virtually no humidity in the air, the skies have been that bright Carolina blue that we all love here in the Tarheel state, and yesterday looking outside, everything just looked so crystal clear unlike the normal hazy view that is so evident this time of year. So, no doubt we, North Carolinians have definitely been experiencing the proverbial 'calm before the storm'!!

Even with the unavoidable fears and concerns each time a 'new' hurricane or tropical storm threatens to visit our state, I'm still a firm believer that North Carolina is one of the best places in the country to live than anywhere else! With living in Central NC, I'm only 3 hours either way from the mountains or the coast which allows for a great day trip when the mood strikes.

So..I guess I'll get ready to hunker down for a Saturday of rain and wind all day as Hanna moves through. Sounds like its gonna be a good day for doing a little stitching!!

Until next time...Happy Stitching!

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Anonymous said...

As a fellow Tarheel, I am hoping that Hanna remains a TS or even a Cat 1 hurricane as it comes through here. The latest forecast is that it will be causing some beneficial rain for us in the Triad. I hope you don't get too much wind and rain.