Thursday, September 4, 2008


I always thought one of the cardinal rules for any mom is that a mom can't get sick under any circumstances whatsoever. a mom I would like to know when the rules changed!

You see, I've been sick all this week with a sore throat that started as one of those annoying scratchy sore throats on Sunday over Labor Day weekend. At first, I just thought I had my annual scratchy sore throat that I always get this time of year when the weather starts to change. But by Monday, I soon realized that this was not my typical sore throat. My throat's scratchiness had increased to the point on Monday that I thought a cat had been turned loose on me during the night before.

Then on Tuesday, I arrived home from work with a fever, aches and chills. Normal body temp for me is below 98.6 degrees. My temp was 100.2 degrees, which to most folks feels like 102-103 degree range. My throat had turned from scratchy to just plain sore.

Next came Wednesday. I actually felt better overall on chills, aches or fever, but the sore throat continued to persist. When I awoke on Wednesday morning I noticed that my throat felt swollen, so I took a look inside and the entire back of my throat had swelled up overnight. Because I felt okay outside of the whole throat thing that was going on, I went on to work and worked all day. By the time I got home, my throat was really giving me a fit.

Today when I awoke, my throat felt like a combination of the week's different levels of pain and soreness were all combined into one! I promptly called my doctor when they opened and went in to see him. He confirmed my suspicions that I have strep throat. It comes as no surprise given my son, Cameron, had the same thing last week for several days. But I thought I had worked hard to keep the germs away. I washed my hands and sanitized everything because strep is so highly contagious until it has been treated with antibiotics for 24 hrs. And besides that, I'm a mom for crying out loud and I've done a terrific job of following the mom's cardinal rules for not getting sick!!! So, I just have to wonder what germ I missed & where????

Anyhow...its the end of the day and I have taken 2 full doses of my antibiotics as prescribed to me by my doctor earlier today and you would think that with over 1700mg of antibiotic in my system that I would be feeling instantly better!!! NOT!!! I don't feel much better and am just before hitting the sack for the evening with the hope that when I awake tomorrow I will feel tons better!

Now you know I have to be feeling poorly to risk missing John McCain's acceptance speech later on this evening. I don't know if I'll make it until then, but I'm gonna try!

So...hurry and click off of here before you catch all my germs that are rapidly working their way into the world wide web atmosphere (quicker than I can type this) & contaminating everyone through my computer screen!!! But thanks for stopping by to visit!!

Until next time & Happy Stitching!!

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Terry said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Mom's do get sick; they just don't get to stop and rest as they have to keep the house/world from falling apart.