Monday, July 15, 2013


Okay, now that I have your attention...(bet you thought I was talking about...well, ya know...PASSION)! Nope, not THAT kind of passion!!!

Let's talk for a moment about things that you're passionate about. What is it you love to do? I'm talking about those things that you feel deeply about. If you could work in your dream job, what would it be? Most folks only ponder this very thing and dismiss it; thinking they will never see their dreams realized.

Really, if money were no object and you could work in any career, what would it be? You see, I'm a firm believer in not only following your dreams, but pursuing them fast and furious (like running them down until you overtake them and they can't escape you, kind of pursuing them). Now with that said, I'll readily admit, I'm not nor have I ever worked in my dream job. Money has been an obstacle. Life happened...I got married, divorced, had 3 kids, a mortgage, car payment. (not necessarily in that order)..need I say more. The bills wouldn't pay themselves and well, abandoning a good job and salary for the sake of pursuing my dreams just wasn't feasible, no matter how much I wanted it. I've spent the bulk of my life putting my dreams on hold or getting a taste of my dreams only to have them ripped from me for one reason or the other. But the one thing I can say is I never gave up on my dreams. 

I believe when God plants a desire in your heart for something that desire will not die. It will burn within your soul and that flame will become a blaze until you can't ignore the passion God has put inside you. I've always said with me God has a sense of humor. Everything I've every dreamed about for myself has come true...just not in the way I envisioned. He gives us all gifts and talents that He expects and desires us to utilize.When we aren't using our God-given talents and gifts, we can rest assured we will be restless within until we do. 

I spoke in a previous post about dreading Mondays and why I think so many folks don't look forward to that first day of the workweek. If we were truly doing what we were meant to do, we wouldn't dread Mondays. It's that simple. But many of us do, myself included.
What are my passions you ask? Well, I thought you'd never ask. My greatest passion is my love of radio broadcasting and my second greatest passion is writing. I've always dabbled in both but I've never had a full taste of either enough to 'get my fill'. I would love to spend part of my days writing in this fashion as you're reading here with the hope of entertaining the masses and yet giving them something to think about...seed planting if you will. And the other part I'd love to devote to my radio shows full-time. While my radio shows are currently paying a little piece of change each month, I'm not where I'd like to be to 'give up my day job'. Heck, I'd quit cold turkey tomorrow if I didn't have to worry about the rent being paid. But such is life... I'm working fervently like the next person pursuing my goals & passions. And truth to tell, most folks don't come by success or being able to live out their passions in their dream job overnight. It takes years of hard work, determination & perseverance to achieve our goals. The key is never giving up and always pressing on towards the goal. I believe I'm closer now than I've ever been. Are you? 

Until next time...

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