Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Yep, it's that time of year when pressure is at an all time high for guys to be their most creative. Not to mention, it's this same time of year when women expect their man to delve into the deepest reaches of their heart and show some sensitivity.

Recently, I heard that on Valentine's Day, 70% of couples don't have sex. This was quite astonishing as most would assume that Valentine's Day would be the one day throughout the year that couples are 'doing it'. But not so! Apparently, because of the pressure put on the guy to produce that unforgettable Valentine's Day for his beloved that when he falls short, the last thing the gal wants to do is have sex.

So why all the hype? Do we really need a day during the year to remind us of how much we love someone? Shouldn't that be an everyday thing anyway? It would certainly seem so, however, that isn't always the case. For most, it is very difficult to share how we feel with those we love most in our lives. Valentine's Day is that one day a year when it makes opening ourselves up to expressing feelings & emotions (outside of the bedroom) politically correct and completely acceptable.
But relationships shouldn't just be about special days alone. Relationships give us opportunity to grow and learn about another person on so many levels. And if we are investing in the relationship in the right way, it becomes part of our daily lives and should never be reserved strictly for a designated holiday about love. The special days that commemorate our relationships should be just that...special. Those days in particular give us pause for reflection of the memories made and shared with that special one in our lives. Every day should be spent showing and sharing our thoughts and feelings with one another.

Just imagine if more couples did that on a daily basis. There would be less insecurity, jealousy, doubt, or discord in relationships. But it becomes so easy once we 'have someone' in our lives and the courting is over to take that someone & the relationship for granted. We develop an attitude of 'we don't have to' because we feel that all the important work has been done on the front end for the future of the relationship.

So, how will you spend your Valentine's Day with the one you love? Valentine's Day for some can be that opportunity to redeem oneself if you've fallen short in telling & showing the one you love how you truly feel. It can also be an opportunity to make a renewed commitment to that special person in your life to the relationship that you share. It isn't so much about what you do that matters but more how you go about it. A lot of thought and creativity you put into the day can go a long way. This can be done without it costing an arm & a leg. Anyone can go through the motions of life, be it in relationships or in other areas. But it is the memories we make and the lasting impressions they leave that make all the difference.


Carolyn NC said...

What have I learned? That money doesn't buy love, but is sure goes a long way when my DH gives me stitching gifts or certificates!!! JK
Great blog today!

Cindy said...

This is a great post! I really enjoyed reading it!