Sunday, January 25, 2009


Have you ever noticed how life just sometimes catches you by surprise? There is no warning, no sign of things to come. It just unfolds and you wonder what you did or didn't do to warrant the outcome. It's really funny that way.

The old saying goes, "The best things in life are FREE"...but have you ever thought about how the best things in life can also sometimes be those things that you least expect. If we really look back over the course of our lives, we find that everything that has ever happened to us is all connected. If you start from the point of where you are and work backwards as far as you can remember, the pieces fit. The hows & whys of certain things that made no sense at the time of their arrival, soon make perfect sense when the next thing shows up in your life.
It was said to me once by a good friend of mine that relationships work the very same way. Each one is a stepping stone to where you are supposed to be. Think about that for a moment and look back over all the relationships you've had in your own life be it relationships with friends, family or love interests. People come in and out of our lives for reasons. Each person is placed in our lives at the right moment and is there for a purpose. We may not know why they are there, but can be assured that their purpose in our lives will be fulfilled. The outcome of that purpose is always determined when the next phase in our lives comes along.

We're constanly traveling on the road to our destiny. Where we were 5 years before, may or may not be where we are today. And 5 years ago, 1 year ago, or 6 months ago even, we had no idea of the things that would reveal themselves to us at the present time.

Life is a journey, full of discovery, challenges, ups and downs. We must embrace every moment and be grateful for the moment we are in. It is said, "Nothing lasts forever". That may be true to a point, but if we look back at some of the things in our lives that have occurred, we can quickly find many things that we are thankful did not last forever.

Life is not so much about whether or not something lasts forever, but rather how things just happen in the proper moment and time and not a moment too soon. As we think about where we are today, the things and people that are currently in our lives are there because they are supposed to be. If we travel back in time to 1 yr ago or even 5-10 years ago, and think about where we were at that point in our lives, the current people/things/events would not have fit into our lives at that moment. We were in a different place back then and the people, events and experiences of yesterday were preparing us for the current moment we are in.

Life is indeed a mystery. Some would say they prefer to know what is going to happen at every turn as it would certainly determine many outcomes. But isn't it nice not knowing because when life's unexpected surprises show up, it makes them all the more cherished and bittersweet.

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Carolyn NC said...

Life is a mystery that unfolds, doesn't it? Love the pics & blog!