Friday, October 3, 2008


Last night's debate was perhaps the most watched event on television since the American Idol finale in May. I even go so far as to say that I would venture a guess that more people tuned into the VP debate than the 1st Presidential debate between McCain & Obama.

Leading up to the kick-off of the showdown between Governor Sarah Palin & Senator Joe Biden, set the stage for the greatest amount of hype known to American's over the course of the last century. Would Sarah Palin fumble her answers to posed questions by a Barack Obama supporter moderator or would she once again rise to the task at hand and surprise us all? I think the latter certainly took place last night.

Poor Joe Biden. Everyone expected him to do just exactly as he did. He's a great Senator who has been around Washington long enough to know the political game like the back of his hand. But what set he & Palin apart last night was his inability to answer the questions asked without bashing John McCain at every turn. He was playing politics to the hilt. While on the other hand, little ole Sarah Palin (a virtual unknown to the vast majority of American's prior to 5 weeks ago...I mean really, could you have named the Governor of Alaska before all of this? I didn't think so! Neither could I!) who just answered the questions as honestly and plainly as she could for all of us.

She wasn't worried about impressing Americans with the fancy political mantra that spews forth from the mouth of every politician that embraces Washington (i. e. our Congress...a few names come to mind...oh, bout all those politicians up there who voted for the insane $700 billion bill to save Wall Street..and has a spokesman like Nancy Pelosi speaking for them....Sheesh!!! I bet Sarah Palin doesn't look so dangerous now!!) (Sorry, a little rant there!)

Sarah didn't have to pretend to get on the level of every American feeling the Washington squeeze because she's lived it. She's a mom, a wife, a taxpayer, & someone despite what she does for a living, lives a normal, ordinary life with her family just like most of us out there. She goes to her kids hockey games. She drives her kids to school. I mean heck, her 17 yr old daughter got pregnant out of wedlock just like some normal, average American families have experienced. If that doesn't put Sarah Palin on our level, I don't know what does!! She didn't just become Governor and say, "Well, now I think I'll hire a nanny to pIay mommy for me!" When was the last time we had someone running for our country's 2nd highest office that actually knew what the American people were thinking and feeling? (And don't say...well, Obama does because he used to organize communities...he came from humble beginnings, grew up poor!)

With all due respect, I don't discount that Obama has 'made it' & he's done very well for himself, I might add, and I'll admit until Sarah Palin came on the scene, this Republican was actually considering leaning towards and possibly voting for Obama. Obama seems like one of us too, to an extent & someone who also can identify with the American people & all the things we deal with on a day to day basis. I don't know though, there's just something about Sarah Palin that sets her apart from Obama. Maybe it is the fact that she's a woman with emotions, passion and drive. Women can identify with that. When we women get fired up about something, nothing & no one can stand in our way...(and forget about changing our minds...not gonna happen!!)

I've heard it said over and over "Sarah Palin scares me!" "I fear for what our country will turn into if John McCain kicks the bucket and Sarah Palin takes the helm." Okay...for all of you out there who have said that or feel this way, let me point out a few things:

1. Everyone has bought into the media conspiracy of trying to pick apart Sarah Palin, just like they would a celebrity! (Let's not forget that prior to 5 weeks ago, no one had heard of Sarah Palin. There was nothing being reported in the media about Sarah Palin. Why? Because the media doesn't pride itself these days on reporting 'good' things to the American public! It's not their style...(and to think I wanted to minor in Journalism in college...I would have a hard time working in this industry now!!)

2. Everyone keeps saying "Sarah Palin is not qualified to be Vice President." Hello! Has everyone forgotten she is Governor of Alaska...not a Senator, Congresswoman, etc...but Governor people...and she has the highest approval rating of any governor in the ENTIRE United States!

3. It keeps coming up that "Sarah Palin doesn't have a clue about major issues going on in the world." Okay...maybe she's not as schooled on the world as she could be considering she's running for the second highest office in the US. BUT...let's look at it this way...maybe she's has the highest approval rating as Governor in the United States because her focus has been on her state rather than the nation and world as a whole. Maybe that's why she's been able to accomplish what she has in Alaska and make her people love her and give her that 80% approval rating. Or maybe, what America needs is Sarah Palin in Washington...someone who is not in touch with the political game that is constantly being played by those currently in office there. (I mean just take a look at the hoopla that took place this week when Congress was trying to pass that stinking bill that all American's hate???) Need I say more??

Yes...Sarah Palin has fumbled in the few interviews she's given, but last night showed that when prepared Sarah Palin can take on anyone and their questions and give it her all and best! Personally I don't want someone in Washington who is like everyone else. Just look at the shape our country is in. I don't want another politician telling me they will do one thing to get elected and then another once in office. I believe in Sarah Palin. I like her style and I like the way she doesn't care if 'straight talk' offends anyone. She talks on the level of Americans everywhere that if given the chance to take the podium in her place would pretty much say the same things. We don't need another eloquent politican in Washington...we need someone who tells it like it is, means it and then will stop at nothing to get things done! Sarah Palin makes us believe that she is someone to be reckoned with! (I don't know why but when I think of Sarah Palin, I think of Annie Oakley!) That is what will turn this country around. And if Sarah Palin could take on the corrupt officials in her own state to enact reform and win, I have no doubt the Washington cronies will be any match for her!

My philosophy is this, America has had enough of the same ole people in Washington running the show who strive to get elected so they can get a piece of the corrupt 'good life' pie which in turn makes our elected officials forget about the people who voted them into office. The fact that Sarah Palin doesn't have all the answers doesn't bother me. The way I see it, how could she do worse? We've already seen that Sarah Palin does her homework on issues & after much study and preparation, she can answer the questions. She's not afraid to learn and then act on what she knows. Heck, even as adults we're still learning...we learn something new every day of our why should Sarah Palin be any different? We have to ask ourselves if we were elected to go to Washington, would we know any more than Sarah Palin? I mean there's having an opinion and really knowing what in the world is going on. Sometimes lack of experience can make a person better because they don't know how to get involved in the political games of Washington which in turn makes them and us American's better off for it.

We've elected people throughout the decades to go to Washington and make changes for the good of our country. Time and again, history has proven that more times than not, our country has suffered at the hands of those who 'claim' to know what's going on or have all the answers and we've ended up in worse shape than if well enough had been left alone. I think our most recent example is the failed bank, mortgage lending, & credit crisis threating to turn our country into a Socialistic system. For some reason, I just believe Sarah Palin, if elected along with McCain, will go to Washington and do everything for the good of the American people. I realize she'll have her work cut out for her and she'll be met with opposition from the Democratic party and the likes of Nancy Pelosi, (boy, would I love to see her take on Nancy in a little that would be better than WWE RAW! If you think Nancy Pelosi gives off the deer in the headlights look when things are calm, could you imagine what her expression would be once Palin was done tearing her apart?) So, regardless of all the naysayers out there who 'fear' Sarah Palin, I'm giving her a chance to get things done & get them done right! Maybe once she shows America what she's made of and able to accomplish despite her limited knowledge of the world's affairs, we'll all be believers and will stop the "Sarah bashing" and realize that maybe, just maybe, Sarah Palin knew what she was talking about after all!

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Kendra said...

Sarah Palin did an excellent job last night! I think she did much better than Biden did (how many outright LIES did he pose as fact?)...but to look at some polls, Biden took off with the evening. I heard that some mainstream talking head said that Palin did "OK" but it was Biden's "performance of a lifetime". WTHeck?!? I'm SO ready to be done with the liberal media who think Obama walks on water and is the next coming of Jesus.