Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Of late, I have been a constant visitor on Facebook! You know that site where you can connect & stay in touch with family & friends. I guess you could say I've quickly become addicted (and not so sure I don't need some sort of 'rescue plan'!!!).

What has caused my intense attachment to this website, has been the sudden onslaught of my fellow classmates & alums of my high school alma mater, Hugh M. Cummings High located in Burlington, NC. The Class of 85 ( I'm telling my age here!!) I'm proud to say that I belong to perhaps one of the best classes if not THE best class to ever come out of Cummings High School.

Through the years, I've worked very hard to help keep our class connected. It might have something to do with the fact that I was Cummings 1st Freshman class President. The year our class entered the school as Freshman was the 1st year Cummings had 9th grade on the high school level. Many years prior to that the 9th grade classes from both Cummings and cross-town rival school, Walter Williams High were sent to Sellars Gunn Junior High School for the one year.

**Everyone's favorite Principal, J. A. Freeman**

After all these years our class remains just as tightly close knit as we were in high school. Our class truly cares about one another and never fails to rise to the occasion when a fellow classmates loses a parent or loved one, or when a fellow alum is shipped overseas to serve our country in the military, or when one of us has a triumph to share, we all cheer and celebrate, or when a classmate has learned they have a tumor that requires us fighting right along with them to beat it. No matter what the cause, our class truly lives up to our class motto, "Nulli Secundus" which means "Second to None".

**Class of 85's very own Amanda Smith Swan**

I have no doubt that as the years continue to tick away, we will continue to stay connected and up to date with each other. That's just the kind of class we are. We're friends & Cavaliers to the end!! :)

Until next time....Dawn

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Kendra said...

I've also recently discovered Facebook and have had fun finding all these people from my past. I'm not one who had the greatest high school experience, and I don't consider any of my high school classmates my best friends in the world, but I've had fun coming across some high school acquaintances and finding out what they're doing in their lives 14 years later. I spend more time Facebooking than blogging, actually! ;-)