Monday, August 27, 2012


It's the 1st day of school for my kids today and I can't help but ask the question, "where has the time gone?" Just a few short years ago, they were babies in elementary school. 

1st day 2009-2010 school year -Cam a Freshman , Hannah a 6th grader

How does it happen? One moment you are gearing up for their transition from elementary to middle and then to high school and the next you turn around and before you know it you realize that you have no more babies in elementary or middle school. 

Fast forward 3 yrs. 

Today my Hannah begins her high school journey as a Freshman and Cam begins his first day as a Senior and his last year of high school. 

It was a hard realization this morn, as I suddenly became aware that the pic you see above would be the last one I would take of both of them on the first day of school. This has been a tradition in our household since they started school. It has been fun watching them grow into the awesome young adults they have become. As a mother I couldn't be more proud of my kids. They love the Lord and live their lives by example; loving their neighbors as themselves and they take that radiance and love for God with them wherever they go. My hope is this year lives will be changed at school because of what my kids have to offer their peers who are lost. I'm so blessed! Of all the children God could have blessed me with, I'm so thankful He saw fit to give me two daughters and a son and now a grandson. So here's to a great school year for my younger two. I hope it's everything they hope it will be and then some. 

And this post wouldn't be complete without talking about my oldest daughter, Megan. When my son graduates next Spring she will have already been out of high school 4 years!! After high school she set off on her college journey. Her journey was briefly interrupted however, because earlier this year she gave birth to my beautiful grandson & made me a Granna. I can't even begin to express how proud I am of her and how far she has come these last few years She is an excellent mother and has the patience of Job with her son. (She didn't get that from me!!)  She just recently got back into school and is now working towards finishing her degree, all while working and being a full-time mom.  

Today is also a day for celebrating Trey's 4 mo birthday. Can't believe how fast he's grown in such a short amount of time. 

He is without a doubt the happiest little guy I've ever seen. He brings so much joy to my life. He is quite the ham and is so full of personality already to be so young. I will barely blink and he will one day soon be starting Kindergarten and the process will start all over again in my family. My daughter will be calling me for advice and consoling when that day arrives I'm all too sure.  

I can't help but be a little nostalgic today for it wasn't too many years ago when I was right where they were. I always got so excited each year at the start of school. I loved school and the grand irony is I find myself in school again today as a 3rd yr college student double majoring in Education and Special Ed and going on for my Masters in Teaching beyond that. It seems fitting in a way. I've always loved school and have always loved this time of year. This year my Freshman daughter has Earth Science. Ironically I happen to be taking an Earth Science course this semester myself. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be able to go back to school & get my degree, but beyond that to think that I would be able to share in some of the same curriculum alongside my children as they go through their schooling. Funny how life works out! 

So this year me and my children will all be students; two college, two high schoolers & we're gonna have the best year ever! 

Until next time....

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Meari said...

Hi Dawn -- It's been a long time! Congrats on your new grandbaby.